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Ten MDBs made a joint statement of commitment to to support the second decade of action on road safety on 16 November 2020.

Each signatory institution commits to appointing a high-level road safety champion and promoting a more ambitious, integrated, accountable and results-oriented approach in countries, with particular focus on safe infrastructure for all users.

In recent years, particularly in many developing countries, road developers have failed to give sufficient consideration to road safety features in the design and construction of highways. As a result, these roads have become more deadly.
Star ratings are an internationally recognized, evidence-based approach to guiding design and investment for safer road transport and are increasingly being used for road and infrastructure projects and policies throughout Asia and the Pacific.
If you knew that slowing down a little on your way home from work today might save your life or that of a loved one, would you do it? Please do so, and convince others to halve road deaths and injuries by 2020.
The Safetipin app maps safe public areas for urban women so they can make safer decisions, and provides city stakeholders data to improve safety in public spaces and transport.