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The Asia-Pacific Road Safety Observatory is pleased to announce its latest member to the Observatory. As of June 2023, Papua New Guinea joins the the APRSO, which now has 27 member countries.

The APRSO focal person for PNG is Mr. Roy H. Mumu, Secretary of the Department of Transport..


The Asia-Pacific Road Safety Observatory is pleased to announce its latest members to the Observatory. As of May 2023, Iran and Turkey are the two newest members of the APRSO, which now has 26 member countries.

The APRSO focal person for Iran is Mr. Hormoz Zakeri, General Director Assistance of the country's lead agency for road safety, the Ministry of Road and Urban Development. For Turkey, the focal is Tolga Hakan from the Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior. 


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) commissioned a study, as part of its work with member countries in South Asia, to develop and test a way of assessing the maturity of national road safety management systems. This paper describes the theoretical and analytical foundations of the resulting maturity assessment framework, how the framework was developed and applied, and how it can be used to support ADB operations and road safety improvement in developing member countries.


Two country workshops on crash data investigation and analysis were conducted by the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC ) program in collaboration with Asia-Pacific Road Safety Observatory (APRSO) in March 2023, with the first one in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia last 6-7 March, and the second in Dushanbe on 13-14 March, Tajikistan. Over 60 participants attended the two workshops, coming from the traffic police, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Interior Affairs, and other organizations working on road safety.


On invitation from the United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD), APRSO delivered a key presentation and group activity at the Capacity-Building Training Workshop for Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST) Member Countries on Implementation of, and Country Reporting on, the Aichi 2030 Declaration (2021-2030).


Workshop for Asian journalists aims to strengthen reporting on road safety


The Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory (APRSO) is expanding its membership to include multisectoral stakeholders in road safety from the private sector, civil society and academia.


In view of the goal set by the United Nations General Assembly to reduce road traffic deaths and injuries by 50% by 20301 and noting the priority actions and targets set out in the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030, the Global Road Safety Performance Targets, and the outcomes of the 2021 International Transport Forum Riding in a Safe System – Workshop on Safety for Powered-Two-Wheelers, the participants of the 2022 Global Network of Regional Road Safety Observatories Dialogue on Powered Two-Wheeler Safety recognize the particular challenges this presents for cou


As of October 2022, APRSO has elected Sushil Babu Dhakal as its new Chair. He is the Project Director of the ADB Project Directorate, Department of Roads in Nepal. Mark Steven Pastor, Undersecretary, Road Transport and Infrastructure, Department of Transportation, Philippines, is announced as Deputy Chair. 


See the updated line-up of speakers and agenda for the Dialogue at


The freely available Safety Insights Explorer is a unique, evidence-based, and interactive resource that can help ADB project officers measure and communicate both the scale of the safety problem and the opportunities that exist to save lives in developing member countries.


We are proud to announce that the Asia-Pacific Road Safety Observatory, along with the African Road Safety Observatory, have been awarded the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for their outstanding achievement and innovation in improving road safety in their respective regions.

This award recognizes the countries in Africa and the Asia-Pacific that have decided to work together to improve the quality and availability of road safety data in their regions.

Prince Michael of Kent has sent along this short congratulatory message.

Videos from the Global Meeting of Regional Road Safety Observatories are now available. Please follow the links below for the full videos on Youtube.
Video message by Hartwig Schafer, World Bank Vice President for South Asia, during the First Workshop on the Implementation of the Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory, 26 August 2020.
Video message by Young Tae Kim, Secretary-General of the International Transport Forum (ITF), during the First Workshop on the Implementation of the Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory, 26 August 2020.
Video message by Jean Todt, President of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), during the First Workshop on the Implementation of the Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory, 26 August 2020.
This video documents keynotes and speeches from the Road Safety Benchmarking and Regional Road Safety Observatories High-level Meeting, a high-level meeting that explored the importance of reliable road safety data to develop sound road safety policies and the opportunites for road safety benchmarking to raise road safety on the political agenda.