Maximum speed limits country




Data type



Maximum speed limit for cars on these two road types. Urban roads: these are roads within cities or built up areas (e.g. residential areas); Rural roads: these are roads that are not urban roads nor roads going between cities


Location (urban/rural) : Rural, Location (urban/rural) : Urban

Method of estimation

Data were collected from a number of different sectors and stakeholders in each country and were submitted to the World Health Organization after consensus meetings, facilitated by national data coordinators. All legislative documents were analysed by lawyers at WHO headquarters who extracted the relevant information. The legal analysis was then shared with National Data Coordinators and a validation process resolved any data conflicts through discussion and submission of new legal documents.


Data on legislation and policies represent the country situation in 2014 while data on fatalities and vehicles registration are for 2013, or the most recent year for which these data were available.