A New Toolkit for Post-Crash Response

In May, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport (EASST), with support from UK Aid through the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility, launched a new training toolkit with resources to enhance the effectiveness of post-crash emergency medical and rescue operations.  

The training toolkit was developed with the George Institute for Global Health UK, and includes 6 easy-to-follow video animations covering the key stages of the post-crash response lifecycle. It has been designed as a helpful resource for joint planning, to assist all stakeholders in the management of post-crash response to save lives and improve outcomes for survivors. It covers basic best practice around the need for strategic planning and investment, good coordination, communication, equipment and training. It is available in English and Russian, and has video subtitles in Tajik and Arabic, making it particular useful for countries in Central Asia. 

Members of the EASST team behind the development of the post-crash toolkit will present on its features and usage.

About the Speakers

Emma MacLennan is the founder and Director of EASST. She is also the Alumni Organiser of the Delft University/FIA Foundation Global Road Safety Programme and a member of their Steering Group, having run the FIA Foundation Road Safety Scholarships from 2009-2014. She is a founder member and Deputy Chair of FIRE AID, President of Make Roads Safe Hellas and a member of the Global Fleet Champions Standards Committee.

Claire Hoyland is a Post Crash Response and Resilience Officer at EASST where she coordinates a wide range of road safety focused projects. Alongside this she is the Coordinator for FIRE AID, a UK registered charity: of which EASST is a founding member. FIRE AID works in 50 countries to help emergency services respond more effectively to road crashes. 


Introduction - Benjamin Coghlan
A New Toolkit for Post-Crash Response - Emma MacLennan
Fire Aid: Aid and International Development - Claire Hoyland

Contact Person

Andres Kawagi Fernan
Asian Development Bank