Estimated number of road traffic deaths





Estimated number of deaths due to road traffic fatal injury in the specified year.

Method of estimation

We classified the countries into fourgroups as follows: Countries with death registration data completeness of at least 80% . For this category we used one of the following data: death registration, projection of the most recent death registration, reported death or projected reported deaths. Countries with other sources of information on cause of death. This group includes India, Iran, Thailand and Viet Nam. For these countries a regression method was used to project forward the most recent yearfor which an estimate of total road traffic deaths were available. Countries with population less than 150 000 and did not have eligible death registration data. For these countries the death reported in the survey were used directly, without adjustment. Countries without eligible death registration data. For these countries a negative binomial regression model was used. For more information about this process, see the report Global Status Report on Road Safety 2015 (pp. 70:73).