APRSO: Expanding Membership and Outreach

Call for members

The Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory (APRSO) is expanding its membership to include multisectoral stakeholders in road safety from the private sector, civil society and academia.

Currently, the APRSO covers 23 countries in the Asia Pacific region and is expecting to increase its country membership to over 40 countries in the coming years. The addition of stakeholders from the non-government sector is expected to enrich the discussion and experience of road safety practitioners throughout the region and encourage and support additional road safety activities to support public sector road safety action plans and policies.

There is no cost to APRSO membership, but your organization is expected to be a regular contributor to discussions on road safety policies and programs and exchange experience and dialogue with other members, particularly those implementing programs in the lower and middle income countries of the region. You will also be invited to attend APRSO events and contribute to dialogues. Details of APRSO activities can be found on www.aprso.adb.org

If you would like to support this endeavor, we encourage you to join the Observatory by writing to the APRSO Secretariat in the Asian Development Bank. Please address your email to Connie Sayon (msayon.consultant [at] adb.org) and Dave Shelton (dshelton [at] adb.org), indicating the interest your organization has in road safety, name of focal contact point, and other key individuals and corresponding email addresses. 


We also encourage individuals from public sector organizations from countries that are already members of APRSO to register as individuals to participate in the dialogue and information exchange, and enrich your experience and knowledge in road safety policies and potential solutions. Please contact the Secretariat as noted above.

Contact Person

Dave Shelton
Senior Transport Specialist (Road Safety)